Nutrition Major: Nutrition Science Concentration

The Nutrition Science Concentration combines a major in nutrition with coursework recommended for preparing for medical school or other post-graduate health profession programs. This area of concentration also prepares students for graduate study in nutrition, food science, and related fields.  An independent research project is a unique required feature of this concentration.  Throughout junior and senior year students design and conduct a food or nutrition research project in consultation with a nutrition faculty member, or work collaboratively with faculty members in nutrition and another discipline.  Students present their research in the spring semester of senior year.  With careful planning, students may spend a semester abroad and complete the required coursework in Nutrition Science in 8 semesters.  This area of concentration will not qualify students for professional credentialing in dietetics, but may meet recommended academic preparation for other allied health professions.  Upon meeting all graduation requirements, students selecting this area of concentration receive a Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition, Nutrition Science concentration.  Students should consult early with an academic advisor in nutrition and the pre-professional area of interest to optimize curriculum planning and selection of additional elective courses.



Pre-requisites/Supporting Courses- 40-43 credits

Biol 101: Foundations of Biology  (4, fall only)

Biol 201:  (4, spring only)

Chem 125: Intro to Chem Structures and Properties (4, fall only)

Chem 201: Purification Structure Lab (0-1, fall)

Chem 250: Intro to Nucleophiles and Electrophiles (4, fall only)

Chem 202: Purification Chromatography Lab (0-1, spring)

Chem 251: Reactions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles II (4, spring only)

Chem 205: Measurement Lab (0-1, spring)

Chem 255: Fundamentals of Macroscopic Chemical Analysis (4, spring)

Math 118: Essential Calculus (4)

Math 124: Probability and Statistical Inference (4)

Phys 105: Physics for Life Sciences I (4)

Phys 106: Physics for Life Science II (4)


Nutrition Courses- 26 credits

Nutr 125 Concepts of Nutrition Science -with lab (4)

Nutr 223 Introduction to Food Science - with lab (4)

Nutr 230 Food and Culture (2)

Nutr 323 Public Health Nutrition (4)

Nutr 330 Nutritional Biochemistry and Assessment-with lab (4, fall only)

Nutr 331 Exercise Nutrition and Supplements- with lab (4, spring only)

Nutr 380 Nutrition Research (1, spring only)

Nutr 381 Nutrition Research (1, fall only)

Nutr 396 Nutrition Research- capstone (2, spring only)


Recommended Course Scheduling

It is recommended that in addition to required course work in the common curriculum, students majoring in Nutrition with the Nutrition Science Concentration complete the following courses during the first four semesters of enrollment:

•  Biol 101 and 201

•  Chem 125, 201, 202, 205, 250, 251, and 255

•  Nutr 125 and 323

Additional elective and required coursework may be taken if course pre-requisite requirements have been met.  In addition to First Year Seminar, students majoring in Nutrition are strongly advised to complete their language requirement, lower division theology course and at least one humanities course during the first four semesters to allow for maximum schedule flexibility with upper division course work.


With the exception of Nutr 323, students are advised to delay registration in 300 level coursework until junior and/or senior year.  Nutrition 395 should not be taken until spring of senior year.  Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor during their first year for detailed course planning. Consult the course description from the Academic Catalog or the Nutrition web page for pre-requisites for upper division courses.

Nutrition Science Concentration Course Checklist


Science Pre-requisites                                                                  Nutrition Courses


____Biol 101                                                                                   ____Nutr 125

____Biol  201                                                                                    ____Nutr 223

____Chem 125                                                                                 ____Nutr 230

____Chem 250                                                                                 ____Nutr 330

____Chem 251                                                                                 ____Nutr 331

____Chem 255                                                                                 ____Nutr 380

 ____Chem 201, 202, 205                                                              ____Nutr 381

____Math 118                                                                                    ____Nutr 396

 ____Math 124 

____Phys 105

____Phys 106



Common Curriculum Requirements

___FYS                                                                 ___Fine Arts (4 credits)

___FYS                                                                 ___FAE (8 events)

___Lang 111                                                       ___Humanities (2 curses)

___Lang 112                                                       ___Mathematics (1 course)

___Lang 211                                                       ___Natural Science (1 course)                                  

___Experiential Learning                                  ___Social Science (1 course)

___Gender                                                           ___ Theology (lower division)

___Intercultural                                                    ___ Theology (upper division)




For more information on CSB/SJU Nutrition Science Program, contact: Mark Glen, Department Chair, Ext 5956 or  [email protected]