Nutrition Major

(non-dietetics – 46 credits, including 20 credits in supporting work)

The Nutrition major integrates a liberal arts curriculum with a strong foundation in the natural sciences. The flexible curriculum allows students to blend a broad knowledge of food and nutrition with other areas of interest or inquiry. The open curriculum plan allows for the completion of a second major, a minor, or a selection of a wide variety of courses across disciplines. With careful planning, students may study abroad and complete the major in a total of 8 semesters. The Nutrition major is a good option for students interested in the economics and/or politics of food and the impact of food and nutrition on health. It is also a good choice for students with professional or pre-professional interests in areas such as physical therapy, fitness, exercise physiology, or general health education because it allows for the completion of all pre-requisite courses for post-graduate education programs while completing the major. The general Nutrition major will not qualify students for professional credentialing in the allied health professions (for example, dietetics). However, a major in Nutrition does provide a solid academic preparation for a variety of career and graduate study options related to food and nutrition. Students seeking a major in Nutrition should seek academic guidance from a faculty advisor in the nutrition department as early as possible to assist in curriculum planning.


Quick Facts

  • Total classes:
  • Weeks per class: 16
  • Total Credit Hours: 16
  • Average classes: 18
  • Total Faculty: 5
  • Scholarships:
  • Next Start Date: 08/26/2024
  • Applications Due: 08/01/2024
Required Courses

Prerequisites (supporting courses):

*Students intending to complete pre-requisite courses for graduate programs (Pre-PT, Pre-OT, Exercise Physiology) should check with their pre-professional or academic advisor to discuss which Biology course is appropriate.

Nutrition courses:

*Please note that NUTR 380 and NUTR 381 are required to get into NUTR 396.

Plus a minimum of 8 additional credits selected from the following:

Nutrition Major Advising Tracks

To help non-Dietetics Nutrition majors focus their course selection to meet long-term goals (e.g., pre-PT, pre-OT, pre-Med), the Nutrition department has developed Advising Tracks. These tracks provide suggestions on courses to take based on post-graduation goals. Please keep in mind that a student is not required to choose a specific Advising Track to major in Nutrition.