Study Abroad Opportunities

Belize Summer Program

A 3-4 week cultural immersion in Belize, primarily in the southern town of Punta Gorda. Students can expect to work directly with community members through providing health education in the schools, participating in community health fair, visiting local clinics and engaging in service-learning projects. Projects have included building shelters at a local elementary school, updating restrooms at a high school and making donations to various schools and community organizations. In addition to service-learning projects and health-related activities, students will have a variety of cultural experiences including: kreol drum lessons, visiting Garifuna and Mayan museums, attending local festivals and being immersed in a small community. Additionally, students have the opportunity to go snorkeling, deep sea fishing and simply enjoying the slow pace of the Belizean lifestyle.


Ecuador Summer Program

A 3 week study abroad program located in Esperanza, Ecuador in the beautiful Andes mountains. Esperanza, located on the outskirts of the town of Otavalo, is a community of 250 families of indigenous people. This program is an ongoing collaborative partnership between CSB/SJU and the Esperanza community. For the people of Esperanza, our partnership provides logistical and Health-related and monetary/supplies support to make their self-identified needs a reality.

Nursing students are responsible for health-related topics to be taught to the children and adults in the Esperanza community, working with elderly in Otaval, and caring for children in an HIV-Aids orphanage. Health related topics have included hand hygiene, oral health, first aid, nutrition, self- esteem, and relaxation. Home visits will be made to families and the elderly of Esperanza. Students have also coordinated individual health assessments for each of the children by an Ecuadorean doctor. Each nursing student spent a morning in the Jambi Huasi clinic, a traditional medicine facility. Plans to develop additional health related topics for the women of Esperanza will be developed.

In addition to service-learning projects and health-related activities, students will have a variety of cultural experiences including: traditional healers, local festivals, local cultural landmarks, the famous Saturday Market including clothing art, foods, and jewelry, and immersion in the indigenous community of Otavalo. Excursions taken have included a trip to the Amazon basin, a sunken volcano lake, Condor Park, Mitad de Mundo, the equator, local artisans, museums, and a tour of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.

South Africa Summer Program

This program is completed in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Students will participate in providing health care in the township clinics and homes; and service learning opportunities in the townships. Past service learning projects have included health education in the community, play therapy, and neighborhood cleanup in the townships.

Students in this experience will learn to effectively communicate with diverse groups and disciplines using a variety of strategies. In addition, nursing students will utilize professional values and standards to provide community-based and population focused care.