Grading Policy

Student performance is evaluated by qualified faculty and reflects achievement of expected student outcomes as defined in the syllabus. All faculty listed in the syllabus are qualified faculty (as documented by the Faculty Qualification Grid maintained by the Nursing Department Chair). In the event of a calculated score, faculty will round to the nearest whole number for the final course grade. (For example if the final grade is 91.5%, this would be rounded to 92%; if the final grade is 91.49%, this would be rounded to 91%).

Refer to course syllabi for late assignment, exam policy, and attendance policy.

Nursing Department Grading Scale - NRSG Courses
Honor Pts.
A Superior 92-100 4
AB 88-91 3.5
B Good 83-87 3
BC 79-82 2.5
C Minimum Passing 75-78 2
CD Unable to Progress 70-74 1.5
D Unable to Progress 65-69 1
F Failure/Unable to Progress 64 and under 0
H Honors
I Incomplete
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
W Withdrew without prejudice
* No grade report

Approved by Faculty Organization on 1/18/16, 3/14/16. Changes made to web site and students notified via email on 2/5/16; 9/1/16.