Drug/Alcohol Policy

The CSB/SJU Nursing Department requires that nursing students provide safe, effective, and supportive client care. To fulfill this responsibility, nursing students must be free of chemical impairment. Nursing students are expected to comply with the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses and Standards of Nursing Practice, and the personnel policies of contracted affiliating clinical agencies. Once accepted into the nursing major, students are required to submit documentation of a negative drug screen (see Requirements of the Major).

To protect student and public welfare, the illegal use, possession, or distribution alcohol, controlled substances, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia on campus premises and off-campus in settings related to nursing department coursework is prohibited. No student shall come to class, laboratory, field experiences, or clinical settings under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, controlled substances, or other drugs that can impair cognition and function. Evidence of usage or reasonable suspicion will result in immediate dismissal of the student from the setting, and additional follow-up.

Reasonable suspicion of use may be based on, but not limited to, one or more of the following:

  • Smell of alcohol or drugs
  • Impaired alertness, perception, coordination, reactions, responses, or effort
  • Suspected impairment that has the potential to affect the safety of others
  1. If the clinical agency, faculty, or fellow students form a reasonable suspicion that a student has used, is using, possessing, transferring, or selling alcohol or illegal drugs, the faculty will notify the chair of the nursing department.
  2. The student may be tested according to the clinical or supervising agency’s drug and alcohol testing policy. The fees associated with testing will be the responsibility of the student.
  3. Faculty reserve the right to request drug and alcohol testing if there is reasonable suspicion in a class, laboratory, field experience, or clinical setting. The student will be responsible for the fees associated with the testing.
  4. The student will be immediately dismissed from the site after the student has arranged for safe transportation. This transportation must be deemed appropriate by the faculty.
  5. The clinical faculty will complete a Professional Behavior form and submit it to the Admission’s, Progression, and Recruitment Committee of the nursing department within 24 hours.
  6. If a student has a pattern of behavior that suggests alcohol or drug misuse, the department can request documented infractions from CSB/SJU.
  7. The nursing department’s disciplinary policy will be followed upon receipt of the professional behavior form.
  8. The chair of the nursing department will notify the appropriate CSB or SJU Dean of Students. Further disciplinary action may be taken. (See CSB Student Development policies; SJU Student Development policies).
  9. The student will not be allowed to continue in the class, lab or clinical setting until the student submits a documented negative drug and/or alcohol screen.

Approved by Faculty Organization 3/18/2019.