Complaint Policy

Formal complaints against the Department of Nursing are defined as grievances provided in writing (email included) to the chairperson of the Department of Nursing. Formal complaints must identify the person filing the complaint (signed if a hard copy) and the date. The document must state that the individual is filing a formal complaint. Students and other constituents who think they have been unfairly treated by those in the department can file a formal complaint.

  • The chairperson will recommend that the person filing the complaint discuss the matter directly with the parties involved and seek resolution to the problem. A copy of the formal complaint will be provided to named individuals if not provided by the person filing the complaint.
  • If the matter remains unresolved, the chairperson will work with the person filing the complaint to continue the process for seeking a resolution to the problem. If the complaint is against the chairperson, the Academic Dean or Dean's Designee will serve in this role.
  • If the matter still remains unresolved, the person filing the complaint will be referred to the appropriate grievance procedures for the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University.
  • Documentation of action/resolution in response to the complaint will be secured (locked) in a department office file. A request to withdraw the formal complaint must be submitted in writing and will be filed with the original complaint.
  • Should a consideration be made to file a formal complaint about the program to an accrediting or approving body, the student must follow the criteria and process established by that agency.

Approved by Faculty Organization 9/27/2016.