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Program Goals

  • Program Goal 1: Provide an exceptional educational experience where students integrate Benedictine values, liberal arts, and nursing science as a basis for entry-level nursing practice and graduate study.

•   Program (Curriculum) Outcome 1.1: Provide quality and safe nursing care across the levels of prevention.

•   Program (Curriculum) Outcome 1.2: Apply transformational leadership principles in the coordination and delivery of health care.

•   Program (Curriculum) Outcome 1.3: Apply principles of global citizenship to advocate for and improve health care.


  • Program Goal 2: Provide a supportive environment for an engaged, innovative, and collaborative faculty team who is invested in baccalaureate nursing education.

•   Program (Faculty) Outcome 2.1: Demonstrate effective teaching and curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation using innovative and evidence-based strategies.

•   Program (Faculty) Outcome 2.2: Engage in scholarship and creative work that is publicly accessible and enhances teaching effectiveness and/or advances the discipline of nursing.

•   Program (Faculty) Outcome 2.3: Assist students to explore choices, learning opportunities, and resources that support their professional goals.

•   Program (Faculty) Outcome 2.4: Actively contribute to department and college governance and other community service activities.

•   Program (Faculty) Outcome 2.5: Establish a professional identity that integrates the activities of teaching, advising, scholarship/creative work, and service with the individual's strengths, personal professional goals, and the mission of the college [university].