Dr. Kathleen Ohman

Academic Degrees:
  • Ed.D., University of Minnesota, 1997
  • M.S., University of Minnesota, 1987
  • M.S., St. Cloud State University, 1978
  • B.S., College of Saint Benedict, 1973
Areas of Expertise:
  • Adult Health
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Nursing Education
Clinical Experience:
  • St. Cloud Hospital, Float Pool, Surgical Nursing Units, Operating Room
  • Clinical supervision of students at St. Cloud Hospital, ICU, CCU, telemetry, progressive units, medical-surgical units, orthopedic unit, operating room, post anesthesia care unit, oncology unit, and rehabilitation unit.
  • Clinical supervision of students in ICU and CCU at North Memorial Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and Mercy Hospital
  • Clinical supervision of students at Minneapolis Veterans Administration Center, General/Vascular Surgery Unit
  • Clinical supervision of students in Peds, OB, Med-Surg, ICU, and CCU at Monticello-Big Lake Hospital
  • Clinical supervision of students at Monticello-Big Lake Nursing Home
Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of leadership and management, and use of evidence-based nursing practice. 

Recent Scholarship:
  • Ohman, K. (in process; final manuscript due for production January 2021). Davis’s Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN ® Examination (4th ed). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
  • Ohman, K. (2019). Davis's Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN ® Examination (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
  • Ohman,K. (2017). Davis's Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN ® Examination (2nd ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
  • MN Baccalaureate Nursing Skills Group (one of eight authors; manuscript submitted and in review). Student Nurses' Reported Thinking During Medication Administration. Journal of Nursing Education
  • Ohman,K. (2012).  Davis's Alternate Format Items for the NCLEX-RN ® Examination. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
  • Ohman, K. (2010). Davis's Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN ® Examination . Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
  • Basol, R., Ohman, K., Skillings, K. Simones, J. (2009). Using Research to Determine Support for a Policy on Family Presence During Resuscitation.  Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 28(5), 237-249. 
  • Ohman, K. (2009). Revitalizing for success with active learning approaches . In L. Caputi & L. Engelmann (Eds.). Teaching nursing: The Art and Science, volume 3. (2 nd ed).  Illinois: College of DuPage Press. (chapter revision for updated edition)
  • Ohman, K. (2007). Using evidence-based practice to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia. Southern African Journal of Critical Care, 23(1), p. 35.
Recent Scholarly Presentations:
  • Ohman, K. (2020). Prepared two PowerPoint presentations: 1) Ethical Considerations in Research and 2) Simulation & Teaching/Learning Theory.  These were to be presented during workshop days at Nelson Mandela University (NMU), Port Elizabeth, South Africa 3/17/20 but social distancing was enacted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Information was added to the PowerPoint presentations for self-learning and presented to NMU faculty
  • Ohman, K., & Daniels, J. (2016). Student Nurses’ Reported Thinking during Medication Administration, Presentation at the nursing conference “Transforming Healthcare: A Pathway to Nursing Excellence”, January 13-14, 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii. (1/14/17)
  • Ohman, K. Revitalize for Success with Active Learning Approaches, poster presentation at the 3rd Annual Nursing and Allied Health Educators Conference at Sea, 6/7-14/2016
  • Ohman, K. NCLEX-RN® Overview & Item Writing. College St. Benedict/St. John’s University, Nursing Faculty (12/11/15)
  • Simones, J. Neal, D. O., Schug, V. Blazovich, L., Ohman, K. A. Student nurses’ thinking during medication administration-The collaborative research process between multiple nursing programs in designing, implementing, and analyzing research findings. Annual International Conference on Nursing, 4-7 May 2015, Athens, Greece. (5/4/15)
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