Faculty and Staff

A student/faculty ratio of 9-to-1 gives nursing majors ample opportunity to interact with their professors, all of whom are professional nurses with graduate degrees. The faculty are experienced both in practice and education with a wide range of specialties including gerontology, critical care, public health, maternal and child health, adult health and psychiatric nursing.

  • Berndt, Jodi, PhD, RN, CCRN-K, PCCN-K, CNE, CHSE, CNEcl. Adult Nursing: Critical Care.
  • Braun, Carie, PhD, RN. Maternal and Child Health: Pediatrics.
  • Grove, Vicky, MSN, RN. Maternal and Child Health: Obstetrics. [email protected]
  • Hogenson, Georgia, PhD, RN, CNOR. Adult Nursing: Medical Surgical. Maternal and Child Health: Obstetrics. 
  • Hoover, Carrie, PhD, RN. Adult Nursing: Medical, Critical Care. 
  • Lang, Nicole, MSN, RN. Adult Nursing: Gerontology.
  • Larsen, Rachelle, PhD, RN. Public Health Nursing. Maternal and Child Health: Pediatrics and Obstetrics.
  • Laudenbach, Nikki, MSN, RN. Maternal and Child Health: Pediatrics.
  • Neuwirth, Janet, MS, RN, Professor Emerita. Adult Nursing: Medical Surgical. Maternal and Child Health: Obstetrics. [email protected]
  • Ohman, Kathleen, EdD, RN. Adult Nursing: Critical Care. 
  • Peterson, Jennifer, DNP, FNP-C, RN, CNOR. Adult Nursing: Medical Surgical, Critical Care. Maternal and Child Health: Pediatrics 
  • Reif, LuAnn, PhD, RN. Public Health Nursing. [email protected]
  • Strelow, Julie, PhD, RN, CNE, Department Chair. Adult Nursing: Gerontology. [email protected]
  • Wurdelman, Kelly, DNP, RN. Mental Health Nursing. [email protected]

Department of Nursing Office Manager
Deb Baloun
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Telephone: 320-363-5404
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