Darrick Idso ’17

“I was initially attracted to the CSB/SJU’s longstanding reputation of academic excellence. I appreciated the emphasis on the liberal arts and Benedictine values because I knew I would be challenged to think outside the box and graduate with a broadened perspective. The nursing program at CSB/SJU fully prepared me to assess each encounter through a holistic lens, think critically, and advocate passionately for my patients. Starting my career in a fast-pace clinical environment caring for people with complex medical needs seemed daunting; however, thanks to the quality nursing education I received at CSB/SJU, my transition from student to professional nurse went seamlessly.”

Darrick Isdo

Darrick Idso ’17

RN on the inpatient medical cardiology progressive care unit at Mayo Clinic

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Julie Strelow
Chair, Nursing Department Undergraduate Program
CSB Main 441

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