Application to the Nursing Major


The College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University admits up to 72 students each year into the nursing program. Students must meet the minimum qualifications to be considered for acceptance to the nursing program. The acceptance process is competitive. 

Requirements/Minimum Qualifications for Application - Due May 1

  • Current full-time CSB/SJU students may apply for acceptance to the Nursing major by May 1 of each year by completing the Application to the Nursing Major Form
  • Applicants must meet the minimum prerequisite course GPA requirement of 2.75 and complete all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher in each course.
  • Prerequisite courses include: Biology 101, Biology 212, Psychology 111, Chemistry 125, and Nutrition 125.

Academic Planner - Integrations Curriculum beginning Fall 2020 (nursing major four-year plan)

Course Descriptions for the required courses of the nursing major.  


Policy on Late and Incomplete Submission of Applications:

Incomplete or late applications will be considered last after all other timely and qualified applications have been accepted, and only on a space available basis. Applicants not accepted may reapply the following year.


Acceptance Process

The Nursing Department will only accept qualified applicants up to 72 students. The Nursing Faculty retain the right to make the final decision regarding student admission to the nursing major. 

Acceptance is based on timely submission of the Application to the Nursing Major Form, completion of nursing major requirements (see below) and rankings of prerequisite GPA in the following priority order: 

  1. Qualified CSB/SJU Early Admission Program (EAP) students
  2. Qualified CSB/SJU ROTC students
  3. Qualified other CSB/SJU students
  4. Qualified Transfer students
  5. Late (after May 1 deadline) qualified applicants

If there is a tie in the nursing prerequisite GPA, then the College Cumulative GPA will be used to break the tie. 

Acceptance into the Nursing Major

  1. Acceptance into the nursing major is contingent upon successful completion of all nursing prerequisite courses and the nursing major requirements listed below.
  2. Nursing students are required to achieve a minimum grade of "C" in each prerequisite and NRSG-designated course. Students are required to achieve a "D" or above in corequisite courses. 
  3. Students may not enroll in sequential NRSG-designated courses until a passing grade of "C" is achieved in each prior NRSG-designated course.
  4. Repeating and withdrawing from courses

a. Prerequisite, corequisite, and NRSG-designated courses may be repeated one time (Exception: If the same grade or a lower grade is obtained when a course is taken again, it will not be counted as a repeat course; it is only counted as a repeat course if a higher grade is achieved).
b. If a student repeats a prerequisite, corequisite or NRSG-designated course, the higher grade is used to calculate the nursing GPA.
c. A prerequisite, corequisite, or NRSG designated course may only be taken two times, regardless of the resulting grade.
d. A student is limited to no more than two course withdrawals (as noted with a W on the transcript) or retakes (or combination thereof) in prerequisite, corequisite, or NRSG-designated courses. 
e. If a student takes a prerequisite course while in high school and takes the equivalent prerequisite course after high school, this will not be counted as a course repeat (or withdrawal if the course is not completed). If a course is taken more than once after high school graduation, it will be considered a course repeat (or withdrawal if the course is not completed). 
f. Corequisite courses that need to be repeated must be repeated within two semesters.

5. For purposes of calculating the GPA for admission consideration into the nursing major, a prerequisite course that is transferred into CSB/SJU will only be counted for the exact number of credits from the transfer course, not to exceed the number of credits from the equivalent prerequisite course at CSB/SJU. For additional details, refer to the Transfer Credits web page. 

Applications to the major are reviewed annually in May. In order to be considered for acceptance into the nursing major, transcripts of prerequisite courses must be available to the Nursing Department by June 1. An incomplete grade in a prerequisite course after June 1 will result in ineligibility for acceptance into the nursing major. Students will be notified of acceptance decisions via campus email accounts in early June. Academic Advising will assist those students not accepted to the major with any necessary registration changes for fall semester.


Prior to Final Acceptance to the Nursing Major: Requirements Due by August 1

Electronic submission of the documents listed below is required by August 1. Scan the documents and send in one email to [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt. Failure to submit the required documentation to the nursing department by August 1 will result in a notification that your standing as a student within the department is in jeopardy. You will have one week to respond to the notification and submit the required documentation.  If the required documentation is not received within one week of notification disciplinary action will be taken per the Student Handbook. Refer to the Student Handbook section on disciplinary action.


Health Care Provider Clearance Form -The health form must be completed by your health care provider after May 6, 2021. Read the form carefully to allow adequate time to complete all elements of the health clearance form. The form will require an appointment with your health care provider and possibly follow-up appointments.

An Official Copy of Your Immunization Record - This record must show completion of the immunizations noted on the health care provider clearance form. Some vaccines require a two or three-dose series, so you need to allow sufficient time to have these completed before August 1. 

Copy of Current CPR Certification - The CPR certification must be the American Heart Association Healthcare Professional - BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider. No other certifications are acceptable. Your name must appear on the CPR card and both sides scanned, or submit an electronic copy of your online certificate. The CPR certification must be valid until at least May 6, 2022. 

Two-Step Tuberculin (TB) Skin Test or TB blood test - Either a two-step TB Skin Test or a TB blood test will be required to participate in clinical experiences. Students who have a positive TB skin test will need to provide proof of a negative chest x-ray (CXR) and then will need to repeat the CXR if they experience symptoms of tuberculosis.

Tuberculin Symptom Screening Form - This form is required ONLY if you are a student who has:

1. traveled abroad to a TB high-burden country (as defined by the Centers for Disease Control) AND/OR

2. received a positive Tuberculin Skin Test and a negative chest x-ray

Additional Requirements Prior to Participation in Clinical

Criminal Background Study Required - Students accepted to the nursing major must submit a criminal background study through the MN Department of Health and Human Services. An email will be sent from the Nursing Department with instructions. A student who is not cleared to provide direct contact services as a result of a disqualified criminal background study is not eligible for the nursing major.

Drug and Alcohol Screen - A negative drug and alcohol screen will be required to participate in clinical experiences after being accepted into the major. An email will be sent from the Nursing Department with instructions during the fall semester.

Influenza vaccine - An annual influenza vaccine or declination statement will be required per clinical agency requirements. An email will be sent from the Nursing Department with instructions during the fall semester.

In addition to these requirements, students are expected to comply with contractual requirements specified by clinical facilities which may not be limited to the items identified above. Students will be notified by email if there are additional requirements prior to clinical experiences.


Students sign a confidentiality form that allows the Nursing Department to release the required information to our clinical partners.  

Approved by Faculty Organization on 11/29/2016