Expert panel discusses “Taking Books in Visual Directions”

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January 17, 2008

A panel of award-winning experts will talk about “Taking Books in Visual Directions” during “A Winter’s Interlude” panel discussion at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23 at Clemens Library, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph.

Jim Moore, Regula Russelle and CB Sherlock will discuss this new area of book publishing. The three collaborated on a book, “What It’s Like Here” – which features short, poignant poems of urban life by Moore, Sherlock’s line drawings which depict the city in winter, and brought together by Russelle, a fine press artist.

“What It’s Like Here,” the third book in the series that integrates literature and art, received a Minnesota Book Award for Fine Press in May 2007.

Moore’s work has been published with the Graywolf Press. His credits include The New Yorker and Paris Review.

In addition to the professional panel, a group of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University faculty and students will be discussing their own artists' books and the connection between text and visual presentation. That panel includes Elaine Rutherford, associate professor and chair of the art department at CSB/SJU, and Rachel Melis, assistant professor of art at CSB/SJU.

The discussion is free and open to anyone passionate about writing, art or books.

A new collection of fine arts books will also be unveiled at Clemens Library.

The event is sponsored by Clemens Library and the Literary Arts Institute (LAI) of the College of Saint Benedict. The LAI was founded in 1997 to foster creative writing, publishing and interaction between students and writers. The LAI brings nationally recognized authors to the college, promotes literary events, holds conferences, supports publications and encourages the artistry of fine letterpress. With its local and national partners, such as Graywolf Press, the LAI is able to bring writers and their work together with readers on campus, in Minnesota, and beyond.