Support staff from SJU/OSB recognized for years of employment and retirement

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May 30, 2014

Support staff from Saint John's University and the Order of Saint Benedict were recognized for their years of employment and retirement at the Employee Recognition Luncheon May 29 at Sexton Commons, SJU.

Those honored included:

Five years
Lloyd Juel, physical plant; Eve Justin, dining services; Joe Kobylinski, custodial services; Jennifer Kutter, Saint John's Outdoor; Stacy Penk, McCarthy Center; Joan Stangler, custodial services; Martie Thomes, dining services; Bryce Welle, dining services.
Saint John's Abbey -
Tammy Huston, physical plant.
Liturgical Press -
Stephanie Nix, production.

10 years
Nancy Beutz, custodial services; Pamela Broughton, dining services; Steve Gradin, IT Services; Ryan Kutter, pottery studio; Cindy Maile, campus ministry; Gail Schneider, natural science;  Pam Wilder, custodial services.
Saint John's Abbey - Russell Kilanowski, physical plant; Katherine Wagner, Saint Raphael Retirement Center.

15 years
Laurie Birr, IT Services; Eileen Daniels, dining services; Gail Studniski, dining services; Lisa Weyer, dining services.
Saint John's Abbey - Ralph Petersen, physical plant.

20 years
Ginger Hoffman, dining services; Mary Kron, bookstore; Vivian Krueger, communications and marketing.
Saint John's Abbey - Bonita Heinen, abbey laundry; Gerard Huhne, physical plant.

25 years
Norma Koetter, history; Mo Laube, registrar's office; Diane Majchrzak, dining services; Don Renshaw, library; Ralph Shay, custodial services.
Saint John's Abbey - Janet Merdan, abbey tailor shop; Nancy Mitchell, Saint Raphael Retirement Center.

30 years
Debra Baggenstoss, admission.
Liturgical Press - Jill Flicker, accounts receivable.

35 years
David Philippi, dining services; Pamela Reding, Academic Affairs; Susan Zimmer, accounting and finance, economics and global business leadership.
Saint John's Abbey - Gary Braun, physical plant; Ann Sand, Saint Raphael Retirement Center.
Liturgical Press - Betty Marquette, customer service.

55 years
Fr. J.P. Earls, OSB, Great Hall information desk.
Saint John's Abbey -
Fr. Thomas Gillespie, OSB, signage.

Louis Himsl, physical plant; Pamela Reding, Academic Affairs.
Saint John's Abbey - Glen Breth, power house; Mary Klug, Saint Raphael Retirement Center; Dianne Rademacher, Saint Raphael Retirement Center; Ursula Robertson, Saint Raphael Retirement Center.

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