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CSB, SJU and OSB employees honored at year-end event

For the first time, a combined employee recognition event was held in May to honor faculty, administrative and support staff from the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University and the Order of Saint Benedict.

Individuals were recognized for faculty and staff years of service and staff retirements.

Staff Retirements

Faculty retirements were recognized during a separate event.

Stephen Berhow, Saint John’s Fire Department

Scott Cheeley, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Byron Cigelske, CSB Power Plant

Sandra Eiynck, Liturgical Press

Mike Ewing, Well-Being Center

Julie Gruska, Registrar’s Office

Cindy Haagenson, Saint John’s Prep

Marilyn Koltes, SJU Athletics

Lois Lepinski, SJU Dining Service

Bonnie Meyer, Student Accounts

Kathy Parker, Library

Kim Poganski, CSB Culinary Services

Bev Rohe, SJU Custodial Services

Julie Scegura, SJU Institutional Advancement

Colleen Stiller, Liturgical Press

Mary Stommes, Liturgical Press

Thomas Vogel, Saint John’s Physical Plant

CSB and SJU retireesSeveral staff members who are retiring attended the ceremony, including (from left): Bonnie Meyer, Student Accounts; Colleen Stiller, Liturgical Press; Julie Scegura, SJU Institutional Advancement; Sandra Eiynck, Liturgical Press; Cindy Haagenson, Saint John’s Prep; Kathy Parker, Library; and Mike Ewing, Well-Being Center.

Years of Service

Five Years

Amy Anderson, CSB Institutional Advancement

Ethan Aronson, Experience & Professional Development

Laura Bauer, Nutrition

Jessica Bazan, Collegeville Institute

Joshua Bruns, SJU Dining Service

Holly Christie, Academic Affairs

Kevin Clancy, Center for Global Education

Daniel A. DeMars, CSB Culinary Services

Jean Dempsey, SJU Institutional Advancement

Joseph Dempsey, Academic Advising

Pedro dos Santos, Political Science

Ashley Fink, Biology

Charlie Fleegel, SJU Dining Service

Donna Forster, SJU Custodial Services

Jaclyn Gabrielson, Accounting and Finance

Tiffany Grebinoski, CSB Culinary Services

Brian Gregory, SJU Dining Service

Lindsey Gunnerson Gutsch, Undergraduate Research & Scholars

Sarah Heinen, SJU Dining Service

Randy Husmann, SJU Custodial Services

Linda Jones, SJU Dining Service

Trevor Keyler, Biology

Daisha King, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Elyse Krautkramer, Chemistry

Saijai Meyer, SJU Dining Service

John Meyerhofer, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Lauri Miller, Accounting and Finance

Brian Nyholm, Math Skills Lab

Peter Ohmann, Computer Science

Jill Owen, Student Accounts

Benjamin Proell, Saint John’s Physical Plant

Trisa Schaeffer, Experience & Professional Development

Anne Stang, Abbey Business Office

Tara Wiese, Liturgical Press

Mark Zaske, IT Services

10 Years

Matthew Beck, Saint John’s Prep

Paula Capp, Abbey Retirement Center

Johnathan Carlson, Library

Whitney Court, Political Science

Catherine Donovan, Liturgical Press

Lori Edelbrock, CSB Culinary Services

Ted Gordon, Integrations Curriculum

Doris Kahlhamer, SJU Custodial Services

Anne Kaluza, Financial Aid

Fr. Nickolas Kleespie, OSB, SJU Campus Ministry and Residential Life

Kathy Krebs, Student Accounts

Sherry Krebsbach, Saint John’s Prep

Jeffrey Madden, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Sarah Maile, Well-Being Center

Rachel Marston, English

Art Martinez, SJU Dining Service

Connie Matz, CSB Institutional Advancement

Katie Miller, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Brad Neary, The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program

Jim Oster, SJU Custodial Services

Cyle Paumen, Saint John’s Physical Plant

Robert Piechota Jr., Financial Aid

Jacob Rassier, Saint John’s Physical Plant

Terri Rodriguez, Education

Sharon Rothstein, Abbey Guesthouse

Gregory Skoog, Marketing and Communications

Shannon Smith, History

Yvette South, English

Christen Strollo, Chemistry

Maggie Utsch, CSB Institutional Advancement

Brian Weisen, CSB Physical Plant

Erik Williamson, Registrar

Amanda Wolvert, CSB Athletics

Tony Yan, Global Business Leadership

Adrienne Zeller, CSB Events and Catering

15 Years

Erik Aschenbeck, Admission

Michael Becker, Liturgical Press

Bret Benesh, Mathematics

Chris Brake, CSB Grounds

Grace Ellens, Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary

Md Fazal, Chemistry

Tania Gomez, Hispanic Studies

Kristi Hendricks, Education

Miranda Hiltner, SJU Dining Service

Theresa Johnson, Education

Adam Konczewski, IT Services

Rebecca Lindom, CSB Culinary Services

Deborah Linnemann, CSB Institutional Advancement

Fr. Gregory Miller, OSB, SJU Residential Life

Kingshuk Mukherjee, Global Business Leadership

Scott Murphy, Art

Kathryn Olson, Student Employment

Heather Pieper-Olson, CSB Institutional Advancement

Kathryn Rock, CSB Business Office

Allison Spenader, Education

Erica Stonestreet, Philosophy

Barbara Sutton, Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary

Steven Welch, Accounting and Finance

Jason Ziegler, Abbey Communications

20 Years

Pam Bacon, Academic Affairs

Eleonora Bertranou, Hispanic Studies

Carol Brash, Art

Richard Gray, CSB Security

Carrie Hoover, Nursing

Nancy Johnson, SJU Institutional Advancement

Kris Nairn, Mathematics

Br. Simon-Hoa Phan, OSB, Art and SJU Residential Life

Aric Putnam, Communication

Jeremy Scegura, SJU Business Office

Kathy Scegura, SJU Duplicating/Campus Mail Center

25 Years

Robin Balder-Lanoue, CSB Athletics

Michael Beltinck, CSB Transportation

Jack Bowe, CSB and SJU Athletics

Carie Braun, Nursing

Brian Campbell, Music

Philip Chu, Biology

Martin Connell, Theology

Andrew Deuhs, CSB Physical Plant

Teri Durbin, Admission

Mike Ewing, Well-Being Center

Lois Harren, Abbey Business Office

Michael Heroux, Computer Science

John Kendall, English

Sandy Konz, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Rachelle Larsen, Nursing

Derek Larson, Environmental Studies and History

Marcia Mahlum, Student Development

David Mitchell, Biology

Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB, Theology

Elaine Rutherford, Art

30 Years

Charles Bobertz, Theology

Jim Gagliardi, SJU Athletics

Fr. Douglas Mullin, OSB, SJU Residential Life

Michelle Verkuilen, Liturgical Press

35 Years

John Cofell, Saint John’s Life Safety Services

Carolyn Finley, Music

Mary Johnson, Admission

Br. Benedict Leuthner, OSB, Abbey Business Office

Colleen Lommel, IT Services

James Read, Political Science

Greg Schirmers, SJU Dining Service

Shawn Vierzba, Saint John’s Life Safety Services

John Young, SJU Institutional Advancement

40 Years

Fr. Geoffrey Fecht, OSB, Abbey Development

Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

45 Years

Jerry Haugen, SJU Athletics

CSB and SJU employee recognition ceremony

For the first time, a joint employee recognition ceremony was held for both the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.  Seventeen retirees were honored for their careers and more than 140 others commemorated service milestones at the Gorecki Center in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Recording of Event Presentation