Pottery Studio Hosts Renowned Japanese Potter Shiho Kanzaki

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January 8, 2004

Richard Bresnahan, artist in residence, and the Saint John's Pottery are hosting world renowned Japanese potter Shiho Kanzaki and a film crew on the SJU campus Jan. 8 and 9. The film crew will capture Kanzaki, Welch and Bresnahan at work and discussing the art of stoneware creation at the Saint John's Pottery. Dr. Matthew Welch, curator of Japanese and Korean art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, will also host Kanzaki in Minneapolis and Collegeville.

Kanzaki, a former Buddhist monk, has pioneered new textured works from anagama (wood firings) and has exhibited in Germany, the United States as well as Japan. His studio is on Shigaraki, which is situated in the heart of the Japanese Islands and is one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan, dating from the end of the 12th century.