Student Reflections

Kaitlin Duda: “The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program influenced my academic and career goals by inspiring a great interest in research and being able to deliver well thought out conclusions and recommendations and the importance of such things in any organization.”

Haylie McClung: “The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program is a unique opportunity that has allowed me to apply what I have learned to a real world situation. The interdisciplinary collaboration provided me with an opportunity to approach things from a different lens, something I would not have had the opportunity to do within my major alone.”

Isabel McKeown: “Overall, the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program experience was challenging, fun and extremely rewarding. I’ve never taken part in an experience where the team had such independence to take the research in whatever way they wanted. The founder of the program specifies that there is purposefully little direction, even at the orientation in the fall, because it is up to us students to determine what is important and what is the best way to convey this information in our presentation.”

Brady Riesgraf: “The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program really helped me intertwine my background and interest in medicine and entrepreneurship. Being a pre-medical student and also part of the Entrepreneur Scholars Program, this program fit perfectly with where I am and where I want to go with my life. This program has been a great opportunity to bridge the gap between innovation, business and medicine.”