Living Picture

Fresco comes to life at CSB campus

Faculty, students and staff gathered at Saint Benedict's Monastery Sacred Heart Chapel Friday, Dec. 10, to recreate the famous painting "School of Athens" by Renaissance master Raphael. The "living picture" was the brainchild of Tony Cunningham, a philosophy professor at CSB and SJU. Tony and his wife Mickey came up with the idea over the summer and have been planning the recreation and recruiting participants throughout fall semester.

Among those who volunteered their talents for the project was Saint Ben's President MaryAnn Baenninger, who played the role of Hypatia. In all, 39 faculty, students and staff worked together to create the "tableau vivant" (living picture).

Take a look at the video to see the entire process (be sure to have your volume up):


List of participants:

Richard Albares, faculty

Alison Davis, student

Henry Jakubowski, faculty

Joe DesJardins, vice provost

Steve Wagner, faculty

Jennifer Galovich, faculty

Thomas Brossart, student

David Malone, staff

MaryAnn Baenninger, president

Ernie Diedrich, faculty

Robert Lennon, student

Avidan Tabak, student

Corbin Cleary, student


Tim Robinson, faculty

Br. Dennis Beach, faculty

Richard Ice, faculty

Pat Sitzer, student

Tom Sibley, faculty

Derek Larson, faculty

Scott Richardson, faculty

Matt Callahan, faculty

Isaac Meyer, student

James McLean, student

Laura Schmitz, staff

Steve Saupe, faculty

James Darcy, student

Jack Somers, student

Emily Huber, student

Carolyn Bowie, student

Norma Koetter, staff

Christina Shouse Tourino, faculty

David Wolf, student

Ben Seefeldt, student

Rita Allen, student

Brad Carstens, student

Aaron Sinner, student

Br. David Paul Lange, faculty

Children also pictured:

Madison Schmitz

Alexa Winter

 Posted: December 14, 2010