Blazer Golfer Keeps Busy On and Off the Course

Most college students consider themselves to be busy during the school year.  For College of Saint Benedict sophomore golfer Kathryn Hauff (Fargo, ND, Shanley) that certainly would be an understatement.   Besides being a vital member of the College of Saint Benedict golf team, Hauff is actively involved in the Institute for Women's Leadership and Amnesty International.  To top it off, Hauff was recently elected to the Saint Ben's Senate in the position of Student Trustee. 

"Being a student-athlete can be very stressful at times throughout the semester, but for the most part it's very enjoyable for me to be involved in so many different things on campus.  Hauff, a four time all-state pick at Shanley High School in golf, continued, "It would be nice at times to have more free time, but being a part of various things has really opened my mind, and made me a better person." 

A Big First Year

Hauff wasted no time making a name for herself off the golf course as a student at CSB last year. As a first-year student she was named a Robson Scholar for Students of Public Policy and Civic Engagement and also received the Asian Studies Department Scholarship Award.  It was recognition such as this that made Hauff an impressive candidate for the senate position with the board of trustees. 

"I am honored and humbled to be elected into the position and feel it is important that the students are represented in such an influential part of the institution".  Hauff, a four time state entrant at Shanley High School, continued, "It is my number one priority to ensure the decisions the board makes benefit the students and strengthens the institution as a whole.  I would also like to commend the board, they are truly the ones who value the student input and ensure that they are doing what is the best for the students." 

Hauff didn't have much time to rest up for her school year.  She was over in China, learning things about their culture and language. 

"Being over there was a great experience, and I wouldn't trade that opportunity for the world.  Hauf went on to say, "Being in a completely different culture than the one I am used to was very interesting.  I learned so much about China, and left having a developed a great respect for their culture.  It really opened my eyes, and I hope to be able to travel to different places in the future." 

When Hauff isn't focusing on one of her many ventures, she spends her time working on her golf swing. As a first-year, Hauff enjoyed a spectacular season.  She was named team MVP, averaged a score of 84.25 over the course of the season, and won two tournaments, one of which was the Blazer Invite. 

Hauff proudly reflected on her first-year as a Blazer golfer.  "I always have positive memories while reflecting on my first-year golf season. We had an incredible group of women on the team with the leadership of four seniors to top it off. Although it was sometimes an uphill battle in terms of how we competed, we made up for each others' faults and supported each other to do the best we could. There were obviously challenges and some of the goals I set for myself I did not reach, but that is the nature of the game--no matter what happened the day before or what you shot, you still have to wake up the next morning and make yourself into something." 

A Strong Fall Season

This past fall, Hauff  picked up right where she left off.  Hauff opened up the finishing third at the BlueGold Fall Invite in Eau Claire, WI. She shot a school record 75 in the second round.  In the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) tournament to end the fall season, Hauff enjoyed a similar outcome.  She finished the tournament tied for second individually. Hauff's round of 76 in the second round gave her three consistent rounds for the Blazers team and also earned her a spot on the All-MIAC team. 

"As a team, we worked hard in the off-season with the goal of attending the national tournament in the spring. I don't believe CSB has ever qualified for the national tournament so it would be an exceptional honor to represent our institution there for the first time. When season came, our mantra was always, "Vision. Discipline. Passion." Hauff continued, "Coach would always remind us that if we always have our vision in the forefront of every shot, every practice, every tournament, if we have discipline to grind through a bad shot, the last three holes, the wind or rain, and if we had the passion to play with no fears, to give everything we had to every shot--we would have a shot at nationals. We met our scoring average goal that we set for ourselves as a team this fall season which put us in second place in the MIAC. Even at the MIAC Championships after we were behind the first day, we knew what we had to do to comeback and we ended up taking 2nd place in the tournament. We proved that we were athletes who had strong physical games but more importantly, we were strong mentally." 

Looking Forward to the Spring Season

With a successful fall season completed, the Blazer golf team now turns its attention to the spring season, where they will be one of the favorites to win the MIAC team title. 

Hauff stated, "Excelling in the classroom is always my first priority and everything else I'm involved with comes next. I believe the College of Saint Benedict has given me an uncountable amount of resources to aid me and challenge me to be the best I can be."

Whether on the golf course, or concentrating on her various obligations outside of the class room, Hauff is certainly busier than the average student.  She wouldn't have it any other way.