SJU ranked as one of the Most Entrepreneurial Colleges by Forbes Magazine

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July 31, 2015

Saint John's University is ranked as one of America's Most Entrepreneurial Colleges for 2015, according to a story in the Aug. 17 edition of Forbes Magazine.

SJU was ranked No. 21 in the poll. It is the only school from Minnesota rated on the list of the top 50 colleges.

Forbes ranked the country's most entrepreneurial schools based on the entrepreneurial ratios — the total number of alumni and students who have identified themselves as founders and business owners on LinkedIn, divided by the school's student body (undergraduate and graduate students combined).

The magazine ranked both research universities and smaller colleges — the class SJU is in — separately.

The top-ranked school in the college ranking was The Cooper School for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York City. The top-ranked school in the university ranking was Stanford University, California.