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CSB, SJU and OSB employees honored at year-end ceremonies

Three employee recognition events were held in May to honor administrative and support staff from the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John’s University and the Order of Saint Benedict. 

Employees were recognized for retirement and years of service. In addition, several special awards were presented or recognized.


  • Todd Abdella, IT Services
  • Carol Abell, Human Resources
  • Richard Adamson, SJU Business Office
  • Chong Beckius, CSB Culinary Services
  • Sharon Braegelmann, CSB Security
  • Linda Bruner, CSB Culinary Services
  • Larry Christen, CSB Custodial Maintenance
  • Audrey Dingmann, Bookstore
  • Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn, Fine Arts Programming
  • Peter Dwyer, Liturgical Press
  • Suzette Ehlinger, Natural Science
  • Mary Fogle, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • Gigi Fourré Schumacher, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • Carol Gadd-Marshall, Admission
  • James Habiger, OSB Physical Plant
  • Kathy Hansen, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • George Hemmesch, CSB Physical Plant
  • Carol Holton, Health Services
  • Kenneth Johannes, CSB Physical Plant
  • Vivian Krueger, Collegeville Institute
  • Betty Loehlein, SJU Dining Service
  • Todd Lorentz, CSB Security
  • David Lorenz, Abbey Woodworking
  • Michael Machacek, SJU Life Safety
  • Pamela Marchand, CSB Culinary Services
  • Diane Muske, CSB Custodial Maintenance
  • Kimberly Nelson, Health Services
  • Kenneth Osborne, SJU Business Office
  • Donald Ottenhoff, Collegeville Institute
  • Beverly Overman, CSB Business Office
  • Susan Palmer, CSB Business Office
  • Cynthia Rodenwald, CSB Culinary Services
  • Katherine Sass, CSB Residential Life
  • Rhonda Sauerer, Bookstore
  • David Schneider, CSB Student Accounts
  • Lois Schroden, CSB Custodial Maintenance
  • Daniel Stark, Prep School
  • Cathy Wieme, SJU Institutional Advancement

Special awards

Fr. Vincent Tegeder, OSB, Outstanding Administrator Award

Recipient: Jason Kelly, Academic Advising

The award, named in honor of Fr. Vincent Tegeder, OSB, recognizes service and excellence within the Saint John’s administrative community — someone who embodies the spirit of Saint John’s, provides quality service and makes a powerful contribution to Saint John’s.

CSB President’s Medal

Recipients: Sue Palmer, Business Office, and Kathy Hansen, Institutional Advancement

During the CSB event, Palmer and Hansen were recognized for previously receiving the CSB President’s Medal for demonstrating extraordinary loyalty, dedication and service to the college and its mission of liberal arts education in the Benedictine tradition.

Five years

  • Lynnell Barthel, Abbey Retirement Center
  • Joshua Bungum, SJU Athletics
  • David Calabro, HMML
  • Emily Chaphalkar, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • Elizabeth Dabre, SJU Duplicating Center
  • David DeLand, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Michael Engdahl, CSB Athletics
  • Adam Fettig, SJU Life Safety
  • John Geissler, Outdoor University
  • Tanya Gertz, Fine Arts Programming
  • Katherine Goertz, HMML
  • Denise Hansen, CSB Culinary Services
  • Kathrine Janku, Prep School
  • Megan Kampa, SJU Life Safety
  • Kevin Kohorst, SJU Athletics
  • Lois Lepinski, SJU Dining Service
  • Travis Mack, OSB Physical Plant
  • Jessica McKeown, Military Science
  • Petrina Mehr, Abbey Retirement Center
  • Margaret Nuzzolese Conway, SJU Campus Ministry
  • Heidi Olmscheid, SJU Dining Service
  • Sarah Pasela, Prep School
  • Enik Pluimer, IT Services
  • Jeff Quistorff, CSB Custodial Maintenance
  • Thomas Reichert, First-Year Seminar
  • Susan Sink, Collegeville Institute
  • Everett Weber, SJU Athletics

10 years

  • Linda Adrian, Abbey Custodial
  • Aaron Bertram, SJU Dining Service
  • Michelle Brisk-Wallace, CSB Culinary Services
  • Rachael Click, CSB Athletics
  • Jennifer Daiker, Prep School
  • Fr. Ian Dommer, OSB, SJU Residential Life and Housing
  • Megan Evens, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Tammie Fabel, CSB Transportation
  • Daniel Franklin, SJU Athletics
  • Ryan Gapinski, Liturgical Press
  • Fr. Lewis Grobe, OSB, Abbey Woodworking
  • Sarah Haffner, CSB Culinary Services
  • Laura Hammond, Experience and Professional Development
  • Kari Harren, Bookstore
  • Sandra Kloss, CSB Culinary Services
  • James Kuhn, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Paula Lange, CSB Culinary Services
  • Jake Lesnau, IT Services
  • Chad Marolf, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • Julie Neuwirth, SJU Dining Service
  • Heather Olmscheid, SJU Dining Service
  • Krista Peterson, Bookstore
  • Alicia Reif, Counseling and Health Promotion
  • Ion Senchea, SJU Athletics
  • Laura Sherr, Counseling and Health Promotion
  • Kelly Smith, Student Activities
  • Diana Smolenski, Abbey Retirement Center
  • Ben Stommes, Academic Affairs
  • Eric Yanke, Prep School

15 years

  • Peter Amann, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Debra Baloun, Nursing
  • Br. Richard Crawford, OSB, Prep School
  • Hans Christoffersen, Liturgical Press
  • Carla Durand, Collegeville Institute
  • Gwen Geisenhof, Fine Arts Programming
  • Thomas Grandy, Prep School
  • Leslie Hanlon, Fine Arts Programming
  • Shelley Jacobson, Upward Bound
  • Michael Janku, SJU Dining Service
  • Rungthip Langseth, Abbey Retirement Center
  • Carl Masog, CSB Power Plant
  • Barbara May, Academic Affairs
  • Sara Mruz, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Kathleen Parker, Library
  • Debra Paulson, IT Services
  • Darrin Pence, CSB Security
  • Kay Richter, Admission
  • Catherine Robak, IT Services
  • Katherine Sass, CSB Residential Life
  • Elisa Schneider, Collegeville Institute
  • Lynn Tamm, Liturgical Press
  • Kevin Zierden, Liturgical Press

20 years

  • Theresa Anderson, Academic Advising
  • Matthew Heintzelman, HMML
  • Steve Howe-Veenstra, CSB Athletics
  • Stacy Kampsen, IT Services
  • Robert Koch, SJU Dining Service
  • Tammy Marthaler, SJU Dining Service
  • Tasha Marwitz, Financial Aid
  • Stuart Perry, Financial Aid
  • Jessica Reiter, CSB Culinary Services
  • Kristina Streit, Bookstore
  • Mary Beth Thompson, Academic Affairs
  • Carrie Zierden, SJU Dining Service

25 years

  • Anthony Amelse, Admission
  • Bryan Backes, Prep School
  • Karen Buermann, CSB Institutional Advancement
  • Br. Isadore Glyer, OSB, Abbey Guesthouse
  • Michael Hemmesch, Marketing and Communications
  • Br. Kenneth Kroeker, OSB, Abbey Business Office
  • Josephine Stang, Abbey Business Office
  • Julie Surma, Liturgical Press
  • Jody Terhaar, CSB Student Development
  • Leila Utsch, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Thomas Voller-Berdan, Admission

30 years

  • Robert Culligan, SJU Institutional Advancement
  • Robert Erickson, Prep School
  • Kenneth Johannes, CSB Custodial Maintenance
  • Barbara Novak, Registrar
  • Thomas Stock, SJU Institutional Advancement

35 years

  • Robert Alpers, SJU Athletics
  • Michael Durbin, CSB Athletics
  • Sandra Eiynck, Liturgical Press
  • Beverly Overman, CSB Business Office
  • Lisa Thomas, Liturgical Press

40 years

  • Paul Kollmann, Abbey Custodial
  • Thomas Vogel, OSB Physical Plant-Power House

45 years

  • Br. Robin Pierzina, OSB, SJU Residential Life and Housing
  • Gerald Pflueger, SJU Physical Plant


Jason Kelly and Saint John’s University Transitional President Jim Mullen

Kathy Hansen, College of Saint Benedict Transitional President Laurie Hamen, and Sue Palmer