CSB ranked 2nd among national liberal arts colleges for operating efficiency

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March 9, 2015

A recent analysis that compared spending to educational quality rated the College of Saint Benedict second among national liberal arts colleges.

The report, published by U.S. News and World Report, looked at public and private colleges that scored the highest on overall undergraduate academic educational quality, as measured by their position in the 2015 Best Colleges Rankings conducted by U.S. News.

The poll sought to find what schools spent relatively less on their educational programs to achieve high quality results.

The poll showed that CSB spent $426.18 per student, trailing only No. 1 Hope College of Michigan ($396.15).

CSB was ranked No. 89 in the News' national liberal arts college rankings. Only schools that were numerically ranked in the top half of their ranking category were included in this analysis.

The magazine utilized each school's financial resources rank by taking into account how much a school spends per student on instruction, research, student services and related educational expenditures.

"Schools that are featured on these lists are doing a good job in managing their financial resources relative to other schools that may have far greater financial resources because of more state funding, higher tuition or larger endowments," concluded U.S. News writer Bob Morse.