Will White '10

Will White graduated from SJU in 2010 with a degree in Piano Performance. Later he went on to earn a Master's degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Kentucky, Lexington. Will is currently the Director of Music at Hunter Presbyterian Church, the collaborative pianist for the Lexington Singers, and the Administrative Assistant for UK Choirs.

Will’s career path has had much to do with connections and collaboration.  As a pianist and percussionist, he had the opportunity to perform with many groups, from choirs to orchestras to musicals.  After a few years of such performances, Will began working as the Associate Artistic Director for the Saint John’s Boys’ Choir.  In addition to conducting the Junior Varsity Choir, he held a job at Living Waters Lutheran Church.  Together, these experiences encouraged him to continue on to graduate school for choral conducting.

When asked if he had any words of wisdom for those who consider relocating for school or a career, Will said, “If you are willing to move, your odds of finding a good job increase. If you do find yourself moving to a new location, immerse yourself in the community.  [As] important as it is to be knowledgeable in your area, sometimes who you know is more important.” 

Will had fantastic advice for fellow Piano Performance majors.  “Take the composers whom you are studying and find out what else they wrote,” he suggests.  “Listen to Mozart choral works and symphonies to gain a broader understanding of his style and let that influence your interpretation of that piano concerto you’re preparing.”  Finally, he advises, “Make sure you are developing additional skill sets [outside of piano].”  This is to ensure the ability to make a living regardless of where the performance path leads.

To other students who may have a hard time deciding on a major or career path, Will has one strong recommendation: “Find your passion, then figure out how you can get involved in that industry and make your mark.”  He also encourages students to utilize resources and seek out advice on campus, whether it be through Experience & Professional Development, an advisor, or faculty and classmates.  “Remember that the great people at CSB/SJU want you to succeed.  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek advice and ask questions.”

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