Upper Midwest String Camp

Welcome back! Join us for the 42nd* year of Upper Midwest String Camp!

A camp for all string students in grades 7-12
July 24-29, 2022

It never seemed possible to imagine a summer without string camp—until it happened. Then it happened again. What a sad time these last two summers have been with no place to go and nothing to do. The music we missed making, the friendships we missed nurturing, the fiddle tunes we missed learning by ear, the spirit of inclusiveness and camaraderie, the music nerdery and play that feeds both the artistic and intellectual musical soul, all of it lost to the pandemic. Twice. While we will never be able to replace those missed experiences and opportunities, we can still look ahead to a brighter future. Technically it will still be the 42nd* annual string camp—but just like baseball in 1994, there will always be an asterisk next to the 42nd* string camp. After missing two consecutive camps, we are all hoping that the MNSOTA membership will assist us in getting things back to normal for 2022. The campaign to recruit participants will begin December 1 (“Give your child the gift of String Camp for the Holidays”).

Thank you for your support!

Regististration Information:

The Upper Midwest String Camp

The Upper Midwest String Camp is jointly sponsored by the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph and MNSOTA. This is the ideal summer program for 7th through 12th-grade students eager to develop their string playing through chamber music, string orchestra, and technique classes. There is no entrance audition; all students are accepted in the order in which they apply.  On the first day of camp, teachers hear students play to assess their experience in order to divide students according to age and ability for daily orchestra and chamber group rehearsals. The faculty of distinguished artist-teachers is aided by a corps of outstanding college student teaching interns, making possible considerable individual attention.

Student Details

There is no entrance audition; students are accepted in the order in which they apply. There is a small pool of scholarship money available to assist students who otherwise not be able to attend, contact the camp director for scholarship information.

Intern Opportunities &  Dorm Counselor Opportunities

The Upper Midwest String Camp needs college interns to assist faculty in sectional rehearsals and technique classes. One intern is also needed to serve as an administrative assistant to help organize the chamber music program. Interns and faculty share coaching of student chamber groups – the students have the faculty coach for half the session and the intern coach for the other half of each daily session. Interns and faculty participate in daily pedagogy discussion and mentoring. Interns also have opportunities to observe student orchestral rehearsals and to participate in the faculty/intern solo and chamber music recital. The final chamber recital by the students is often a highlight for interns as they hear the success they have helped to foster.

Dorm Counselors as also needed. Counselors assist the recreation director during meals and students’ free time, live in dorms with students and monitor nightly curfew. Counselors have opportunities to observe student classes and orchestra rehearsals.

COVID Considerations

Upper Midwest String Camp 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to COVID. We are optimistic that it will take place in person July 24-29, 2022. MNSOTA is commited to following national, state, and local guidelines for health and safety during the COVID pandemic. Because changes to events may need to be made on short notice, the latest information will be available on our MNSOTA.org website and included in our weekly email reminders to members.