COVID-19 Protocols Applied Voice Lesson

Welcome Singers! We are so happy to have you back with us at CSB/SJU! Our main concern­­ is keeping everyone safe on campus.   You may be aware that playing certain instruments, singing, and loud speaking release the largest amount of viral load in the air from an infected person.   We hope you will be patient with us as we attempt to provide protocols in our instruction for you that will keep ALL of us safe.    

In-Person Lessons

To provide the safest possible environment for our singing students, we are advocating the following protocols at all in-person lessons.

Lesson Duration

Following the advice of several current studies, it is recommended that NO in-person lesson be longer than 20–30 minutes due to the possible viral load build up in the air from singing.

Entering the Voice Studio

A secure mask should be worn at all times in the BAC covering both your mouth and nose. 

For more comfort and ease in singing, you might consider purchasing the Singer’s Mask online at

This mask allows for extra room in front of your mask for easier breathing and clearer articulation for singing.  The cost of this mask is $23.50. It should last you for the entire semester.

Please sanitize your hands before entering. A table with hand sanitizer will be just outside the door. 

If you have not had your temperature taken that day, we hope you won’t mind us taking a quick temp with our digital thermometers.   (When you are young and healthy, it is easy to go about your day and not be aware that you are running a slight temperature.) If you do have a temperature with or without other symptoms, please know that we will and send you home and make up this lesson.   Each student is entitled to 11 or 12 lessons per semester—we will keep track with you.

Upon entering the studio, your teacher will show you where to place school items during your lesson. 

Please bring your own water bottles, pencils and music to all lessons.

The Studio Space

Your instructor will ensure that there is over 6 feet of distance between singer and teacher.    In some cases—depending on the studio size­—the teacher will have a plexiglass screen between you and them to further protect both parties.

Some teachers will have an air purifier running in the studio with a possible exhaust fan for better air flow.  Also, a window or sliding glass door will be open to ensure the best air circulation possible.

Please know that your voice studio will be sanitized after each lesson:   A minimum of 30 minutes will be designated between lessons to exchange air in the studio.  All music stands, furniture surfaces, doorknobs, and plexiglass guards will be cleaned before the next student enters.

Zoom Lessons

These lessons are longer because they are safe for both singer and teacher.  You are welcome to only have zoom lessons if you feel safer. However, we will be trying to offer a combination of in-person and zoom instruction for those comfortable with interaction.

We recommend the following for these zoomed lessons:

  • Blue Yeti Microphone or – enhances the sound of your voice and diminishes the loss of range extremes while singing which can be frustrating for the teacher when assessing your production.  $49.00

  • Insignia UBS Microphone (a slightly cheaper one)  $39.00

Portable Keyboard (Recommended)

One final recommendation to help with your practice and learning music would be to consider purchasing a fold up keyboard that can be used anywhere, including the privacy of your dorm room.   Although there will be protocols for cleaning practice rooms on campus after each use, you can avoid going there if you have access to a private space on campus and a portable keyboard.

Kiker Roll up piano – 61 keys.   $39.00

Kiker Roll up piano – 81 keys.   $79.00

There are certainly more expensive ones available including the one recommended by the piano area for class piano (see below), retailing $100.00. You should also be aware that many of the cheaper ones you can purchase on Amazon only play one or two notes at a time.

Purchase what you can afford and know that it will be an investment in future music activities.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you!