COVID-19 Protocols Keyboard Area Applied Lessons

In-Person Lessons

Lesson Duration
  • Following the advice of several current studies, lessons will be 30 minutes in length with 20-minute break for ventilation/air exchange. Your professor will open windows in between lessons.
Entering the Piano Studio
  • Prior to entering the BAC (CSB) and Auditorium building (SJU), students should put on a mask (MN state mandate). Masks are required for student and teacher during lessons.
    • Mask should be placed over the nose & mouth and secure under the chin.
    • Should also fit snugly against the sides of the face. (from: CDC)
  • Handwashing, before and after lessons – student and teacher.
The Studio Space
  • Piano teaching studios will be arranged to accommodate social distancing of 6 feet between professor and student.
  • The keyboard(s) in the lesson space will be disinfected before and after each lesson.  
Additional Considerations
  • Four-hand repertoire should not be utilized or assigned unless it can be performed on two adjacent instruments or via an online connection. (from: MDH Workgroup - Music in Higher Education)
  • In teaching studios with only one instrument, faculty are strongly discouraged from demonstrating on the instrument during a lesson. (from: MDH Workgroup - Music in Higher Education)