COVID-19 Protocols Choral Ensembles

General Distancing

  • Social distancing should occur as suggested by the CDC. Currently that distance is a 6x6 foot space around each student with the student sitting in the center.
  • Rehearsals may be offered outdoors at the discretion of the professor.


  • Masks are required for faculty and students.
    • Special masks for singers will be made available to all choir members.
  • Masks may be removed when singing outdoors when proper distancing is observed and possible.
  • Masks should be worn by all faculty and students prior to entering the BAC or SBH.
  • No talking should occur in the room without a mask being properly worn.
  • Faculty will keep their voices at a low conversational volume and use an amplification system. Students will ask questions in a low conversational volume with a mask.

Length of Rehearsals

All large ensemble rehearsals are schedule within a 75-minute block. Within those rehearsals, if indoors, ensembles will rehearse for 30 minutes in the same location, followed by clearing the room for a minimum of 20 minutes for the HVAC system to change the air indoors with outside air, during which time other rooms will be available for section rehearsals and smaller groups. Full ensemble rehearsals can resume in larger space after the recommended break to complete the remainder of the rehearsal. Protocol recommendations may change with updated CDC guidelines.


  • Faculty and students are expected to wash their hands with soap/water or hand sanitizer prior to entering a rehearsal.
  • Faculty and students are responsible for disinfecting their individual areas with wipes or disinfectant and paper towels, including music stands, and other surfaces they used in each rehearsal before and after each rehearsal
  • Faculty and students will maintain daily instrument hygiene. The music department recommends everyone follow the NFHS, NAfME and the NAMM Foundation recommended guidelines.

Rehearsal Room Set-up

  • 028 (SBH) Most chairs will be removed and floor and risers (where applicable) will be marked with “X” to indicate proper distancing.
  • SEATS in SBH Auditorium and BAC Escher Auditorium will be assigned to each singer. Chamber Choir and Men’s Chorus will NOT share the same seats in SBH.
  • STAGES in SBH, Escher and CSB Amphitheater will be marked with “X,” indicating proper distancing.
  • Students will stand all facing the same direction, back to front.
  • The maximum number of people allowed in the rehearsal rooms will be posted as soon as the occupancy rate has been established by the Administration and Physical Plant.

Music Storage Cabinets

  • All singers will be assigned a numbered folder. Folders will remain with singers at all times. Storage cabinets will not be available.

Arriving/leaving rehearsal rooms

  • All participants should maintain appropriate social distancing.