Kristen Bauer '03

Kristen Bauer graduated from CSB in 2003 with a degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education. 

Kristen currently teaches K-5 general music at Kennedy Community School in St. Joseph, MN.  Additionally, she is an adjunct professor of music at St. Cloud State University.  In addition to her two jobs, Kristen is a violinist in the St. Cloud Symphony and Amadeus Chamber Orchestra and a member of the vocal quintet, “Five Good Reasons”. 

Kristen’s main inspiration to pursue a teaching career was her mother, who was a music teacher for 39 years.  “She woke up excited to go to work every day and always came home with a smile on her face.  It was her love for music and teaching that inspired me to follow in her footsteps.”  Kristen recalled childhood memories of taping herself singing, playing “music room,” and holding rehearsals with neighbor kids (she even got them to sing in harmony!).

“Music was always in my blood,” Kristen said.  “I knew I wanted to share my passion with others.”

Having majors in both vocal performance and music education has helped Kristen better herself as both a teacher and a performer.  “[As a teacher,] I take my knowledge gained through my vocal performance degree to enhance students’ singing voices.”  Beyond the classroom, Kristen puts her performance degree to use to aid in roles in musicals and operas, to gain a position in The Singers: MN Choral Artists, and to continue singing in “Five Good Reasons”.

Kristen’s time at CSB/SJU helped her prepare in balancing her career and ensembles.  “I learned to manage my time well, which is an absolute must as an educator.  I learned that being busy is okay, but I need to space things out enough so that I’m not feeling swamped[.]” This preparation in balance was likely helpful when Kristen pursued her Master of Arts degree at St. Mary’s University.  For the program, students met 6 times a month while continuing their current teaching jobs.  “The program allowed us to take much of what we learned and incorporate it into our classrooms the following day. [It] was an absolutely wonderful learning experience and still greatly impacts my teaching today.”

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