Kathy Keane '99


All Started with a Finale

...actually music notation software called Finale. In 1996 Kathy Keane '99 met the O'Neill Brothers (Tim and Ryan - nationally-known recording artists who have sold over 700,000 CDs) at St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN. At the time Tim O'Neill was looking to get his sheet music published. Since Tim plays mostly by ear, he needed someone to transcribe his playing into notes. He contracted with Kathy to provide this service. Kathy used Finale to help her publish the sheet music. It was this chance encounter with the brothers that opened many doors of opportunity for Kathy.

Hooked on Music at CSB and SJU

Keane transferred to CSB after her sophomore year at St. Mary's College. During her initial CSB campus visit, Kathy sat-in on a music history class taught by Dr. Kim Kasling. She was hooked. She speaks highly of the many CSB/SJU music professors that help guide her on her journey to become a professional pianist. Besides playing the piano, Kathy also joined the Chamber Choir and the All-college Choir at CSB and SJU. During her senior year Kathy performed a senior piano recital and also a senior composition recital where she performed her own composition.

Future Full of Sweet Music

After graduating from CSB, the O'Neill Brothers asked Kathy if she would continue to work with them. Known for their easy listening CDs, they began marketing their CDs by placing player pianos in JCPenney's stores around the nation, along with a kiosk of their products. Kathy thought a classical album would make a good addition to the mix, and the O'Neill Brothers agreed.

During the summer of 1999, Kathy's full-time job was to record her first CD, A Classical Touch and then went to work for the O'Neill Brothers' company Shamrock-n-Roll. Together they perform at gift shops throughout the nation and do a holiday tour through Midwest cities. Kathy's completion of a music degree from CSB was far from a "finale" for her. She hopes to record more albums in the future.

Reprinted from CSB/SJU Today, Spring 2002

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