Doug Carnes

Change the world through music. These five words have been ringing in Douglas Carnes’s head for as long as he can remember.

In fall 2011, Wayne Grimmer, and Jeff Glemboski of ‘Round Midnight Quartet welcomed Douglas with open arms into their barbershop chorus, The Long Island Sound.  During this pivotal moment in Douglas’s life, he was recruited into The Good Old Days quartet. They went on to place in the top 10 internationally in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Collegiate Quartet Contest.

As his love for barbershop started to overwhelm his every being, he was asked to assistant direct and become President of The Long Island Sound. During this time, their scores and member numbers were the highest they had been since the original charter chapter. Under the tutelage of professor Stephen Pagano, Douglas became very intrigued with choral conducting and decided to step away from his gig as a full time percussionist for a little while. As he traded his congas in for a baton he knew that this was the right decision.

In 2014, Douglas Carnes graduated from Five Towns College with his Masters Degree in Choral Conducting. Upon graduation, Douglas took employment at Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School where he developed a choral curriculum with a focus on the barbershop art form. As his program took wings, so did their very own barbershop quartet. The DPHMS 7th grade quartet made up of four very talented young scholars caught the eye of Harmony Foundation International. With the help of the quartet, Harmony Foundation put together a video to encourage the support of Youth In Harmony around the world. That video was first presented at Mid Winter in New Orleans and it has begun to accomplish that very goal.

From the podium to the bandstand, Douglas has had the privilege to sing and play all around the world. His credits include percussion on Disney’s “The Lion King” on Broadway, to Youth in Harmony rep for the 2013 No Borders Youth Chorus. He is an active coach, clinician, singer and conductor for The Barbershop Harmony Society and has an intense focus on the youth movement. He continues to develop curriculum for music educators that are interested in barbershop harmony because he believes that in order to really change the world, the minds of today must invest in the minds of tomorrow. 

Carnes took the helm as director of the Great Northern Union in July 2015.