Susan H. Vollbrecht serves as Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the Women's Choir at CSB/SJU.

Dr. Vollbrecht earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from the University of Wyoming, and both Master and PhD degrees in Music Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she received a Hixson-Lied Fellowship.  Her research focuses on motivational theories related to musical development and beliefs regarding singing ability.  She has presented research at the state, national and international levels of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), the International Society for Music Education, and The Phenomenon of Sining International Symposium

This past August, she traveld to Delhi, Inda to present at the Western Music Education Association's 4th Annual Conference and 2nd Annual Choral Festival.  Her most recent projects include exploring improvisational singing techniques that may help uncertain or timid singers gain vocal confidence, as well as experiencing community in improvisational group singing.  She has studied with Bobby McFerrin's "Circlesong" project and Rhiannon's "Singing in the Vocal River."  Dr. Vollbrecht currently serves regionally as vice-chair of Minnesota's Society for Music Teacher Education and nationally on NAfME's Choir Council.