Teaching Philosophy

An educational experience in music offers an opportunity to participate in a subject that affects all aspects of a person's character. This high-level stimulation activates innovation and creativity that reaches beyond the musical realm; it links to business, education, the sciences, mathematics, humanities and social sciences. An experience in music develops a proper work-ethic through the self-discipline required of the curriculum and the incorporation of daily practice routines. It hones the ability to exercise self-expression and refines the skills needed for intelligent listening, fostering greater communication. An experience in music creates a sense of cultural and aesthetic awareness, instilling the values of responsibility, seriousness of purpose, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation and sensitivity to beauty.

Whether through individual, ensemble, or classroom instruction, I believe it is my responsibility as a music educator to cultivate an environment that provides every student I teach with the opportunity to maximize their music education experience, ensuring their development into independent, knowledgeable and creative musicians who are active, well-rounded members of our society.