ARTE Block A - Sept. 23rd 2020

     Dr. Edward Turley and Dr. Amy Grinsteiner will be performing “Carnival of the Animals” by Saint-Saens, with Br. Paul-Vincent as the narrator on Wednesday, September 23rd in the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater from 8:00-9:00pm. This is a very famous piece of music that includes the beautiful “The Swan”. Nearly all of the short movements from the piece are different animals, and narration in between each piece adds an element we don’t normally hear in classical performance. Unique aspects of this performance include hearing this piece arranged for 2 pianos, the spoken word in narration, the relationship between narration and music, real music (as opposed to absolute music - you can hear the swan in the melody, and the water in the accompaniment), the placement of different movements at different places in the piece/how a composer builds and maintains interest throughout a longer piece. From a performance standpoint, it is interesting to watch two different pianists performing at the same time. There will be no conductor, and Dr. Turley and Dr. Grinsteiner will have to look into each other’s eyes, over the music stands on the piano, and watch eachother's heads 'bob around' in order to help the other stay together. Also, they each have very different styles of performing. The sounds are often the same, but the approach to the instrument is different, which makes it visually interesting for the audience to watch.