Alumni Information

Note to CSB/SJU Choir Alums – attending the performance at the Basilica on December 7, 2019

Sing with us if you are attending!!!
*Order your tickets HERE*

As we have done for a number of years, we invite you to join us in singing

these traditional selections:

Glory of the Father
Personent Hodie
There shall a star

Join us for a brief rehearsal – although I assume that you still have all the music memorized??!!

Even if you can’t make it to the rehearsal: join us when it is time!!

Here are some instructions if you plan to sing with us:


  • Brief rehearsal on Saturday, before the doors open to the audience.
  • Be in the Basilica by 7:00 PM. Rehearsal will be at about 7:10 p.m.
  • For rehearsal entrance, DO NOT enter through the front doors 
    • enter through the west side RECTORY DOOR at 88 North 17th Street (there is a number 88 above the door.)
    • Ring the buzzer, identify yourself as a “Choir Alum” and the receptionist will buzz you in and direct you up to the church.”
    • Please Share this information/reminder with others whose current e-mail address we might not have in our files…. and who plan to sing.

Start of concert:

  • When choirs are getting into place for “Glory of the Father” (during singing of “Let all Mortal Flesh”) you can stand up and join the choirs in the aisles.
    • Mix in with the choirs (Glory of the Father),
    • walk to the front during Personent Hodie (following the choirs)
    • and sing There shall a star with us from the front of the church, assembled by the communion railing
    • return to your seats during audience sing-along of O come all ye faithful.


Rest of the concert: enjoy singing (and lead the audience??!!) in singing all the favorite Carols.


See you on Saturday!!




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