All Events 2020-2021

Fall 2020

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Spring 2021

February 5th, SBH Theater  8:00 pm

Piano Trio Concert with Dr. Amy Grinsteiner
February 7th, Escher Auditorium, 3:00 pm2

Jazz Ensemble and Combos
March 1st, Escher Auditorium  7:30 pm

March 7th, Escher Auditorium, 2:00 pm

Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band
March 16th, Escher Auditorium  7:30 pm

Women's Choir
March 21st, Sacred Heart Chapel  2:00pm

Friday, March 26th  CSB/SJU

Dennis Alexander Piano Festival and Competition
April 10th, SBH Theater

Organ Dedication
April 11th, St. John's Abbey Church  3:00pm

Percussion Ensemble
April 12th, Escher Auditorium  7:30pm

April 18th, Escher Auditorium  2:00 pm

Chamber Winds and Brass Concert
April 20th, Escher Auditorium, 2:00 pm

Guitar Ensemble
April 21st, SBH Theater  8:00 pm

Choral Masterworks**
April 23rd, Great Hall  8:00 pm

All-College Choir 
April 25th, Great Hall  2:00pm

Jazz Ensemble and Combos
April 26th, Gorecki Family Theater  7:30 pm

Chamber Strings
April 27th, Gorecki Family Theater  7:30 pm

Organ Performance by Rachel Laurin - featuring premiere of a new piece commissioned by Michael Barone
May 2, St. John's Abbey Church 3:00 pm

Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band
May 12th, Escher Auditorium  7:30 pm

**Performances noted with an asterisk are ticketed events. Tickets can be purchased through the Box Office: (320) 363 - 5777**