Recent Repertoire

Here's a sampling of pieces the Trombone Choir has played in the past:

Back to the Fair

Achieved is the Glorious Work

Finale and Maestoso from Symphony No. 3


March from “Second Suite in F for Military Band,”

Chorale from Symphony No. 2 Finale

Mystic Chant and Dance of the Fire Moon

Radetzky March

Drei Gesangs, Op. 64, I. Wemuth

Salvation is Created

Bill Reichenbach

Franz Joseph Haydn

Camille Saint-Saëns

Gordon Jacob

Gustav Holst, arr. David Werden

Gustav Mahler, arr. Thomas Zugger

Thomas Zugger

Johann Sr Strauss, arr. David Fetter

Franz Schubert, arr. Dr. Phillip Ostrander

Pavel Tchesnokov, trans. Jack Wilds