Admission to the Music Major and Upper Division

Acceptance to the Major is based on:

  • Full faculty jury exam, an opportunity for the department to provide input on progress, upon completion of MUSC 112 and 211.
  • Passing Musicianship grades (C or above, MUSC 111/121, 112/122, 211/221, 212/222).
  • Recommendation of studio instructor & faculty vote at department interview.

Important Considerations:

  • Students desiring to change their degree concentration during the junior or senior year, following formal acceptance into the Music Major, must present another concentration-appropriate full-faculty jury exam in that semester.
  • Transfer students seeking acceptance to the Music Major must complete full-faculty jury exams upon completion of MUSC 112 and 211.

Admission to Upper Division:

An official application to apply for a major is provided by the Registrar's Office to each sophomore at the beginning of spring semester. All students must completely fill out and submit the online application. A department review will be held during the spring semester after completion of the application.