String Chamber Ensembles

Chamber Violins

  • The Music Department places special emphasis on the development and performance of small ensemble practices and repertoire, making string chamber music at CSB/SJU particularly exciting and rewarding for both performers and audience members.
  • CSB|SJU is home to 7 outstanding string ensembles, including string quartets, a cello ensemble, a bass ensemble, a cello choir, and a viola da gamba consort.
  • The repertoire performed is expansive, ranging from early classical to modern works.
  • Participating students enjoy working closely with faculty to develop the skills necessary for high-quality chamber music performance; coaching sessions occur weekly, and often more frequently.
  • String chamber music coaches are Dr. David Arnott and Dr. Joshua Schwalbach.
  • Many students take part in extra, independent rehearsals to further develop the skills they learn from their coaches.
  • Performances occur with formal Chamber Orchestra concerts, student recitals, weddings, church services, community events, community school outreach, and many other opportunities (the piano quintet recorded a CD).
  • Interested students should register for MUSC 240I, which can be taken for 0-1 credit.
  • For more information, contact Dr. David Arnott.

Piano Quintet