Touring with the Orchestra

The Orchestra tours regularly around the country. Recent destinations include Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicago in 2009 and Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri in 2005. Members of the Orchestra also toured and gave performances of Stephen Paulus's Holocaust oratorio To Be Certain of the Dawn throughout Germany, Switzerland, and France in 2008 with vocalists, other instrumentalists, and faculty from St. John's, St. Ben's, St. Cloud State University, the SCSU Cantabile Girls' Choir, and the St. John's Boys' Choir.

Tours are an enjoyable, memorable, and important part of orchestra members' time at CSB|SJU. Not only are tours a great way to spread wonderful music to appreciative audiences around the country and around the world, but they also help bring the orchestra closer as a unit. As Dr. Arnott is fond of reminding the musicians every year in the syllabus, "ensemble" is French for "together," and tours are one of the best examples of this ensemble living academically, socially, and musically as a close-knit community.

The Orchestra recently toured from January 6-13th, 2013. The ensemble performed nine concerts throughout the region. Stops on tour included Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Keystone, and Kansas City. Orchestra members enjoyed opportunities to perform in formal evening concerts daily as well as outreach concerts at local high schools. Evenings were spent with generous host families. Time spent away from the busy schedule was found in Keystone, CO, where the Orchestra was able to ski and take advantage of the resort town's facilities.