Daily Tour Photos '11


- Axel and others deep in a game of 500 (Day 1)


- Concert at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rochester, MN (Day 1)


 - Concert at St. Robert Catholic Church in Milwaukee, WI (Day 2)


- Performing "O Mister Moon" at our concert at First Presbyterian Church in Lansing, MI (Day 3)


- Before our performance at Holy Family Catholic Church in Columbus, OH (Day 4)


- Members of the chorus waiting to warm up at St. Benedict Parish in Richmond, VA (Day 5)


- Singing for noon mass at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church in downtown Washington, D.C. (Day 6)


- Men's Chorus singing "The Johnnie Fight Song" with numberous alumni at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Potomac, MD (Day 6)


- Members of the Men's Chorus sightseeing in Washington, D.C. during our free day (Day 7)


- After our performance at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Cleveland, OH (Day 8)


- St. Michael's Catholic Church in Wheaton, IL (Day 9)


- Ladysmith High School in Ladysmith, WI - We performed in the auditorium, which was a new and fun experience after performing in catholic churches. (Day 10)


- Warming up at Christ the King Catholic Church in Minneapolis, MN. (Day 11)


- Members of the Chorus laughing at one of Axel's jokes during our home concert in Collegeville, MN. (Day 12)


This is a wonderful email from a host family after our concert in Potomac, MD:

Nora and I attended the St. John's Men's Chorus concert on the evening of March 15th at our Lady of Mercy Church in Potomac Maryland -- we were delightfully stunned by the quality of the performance. We were so proud because we had brought some friends who are music aficionados and they were too impressed. The church music was hallowed, precise, beautifully harmonized, and the voices blended almost to perfection. The more popular songs were fun and equally well sung.  Choir Master Axel Theimer prepared a well balanced program, spoke charmingly to the audience in between songs, and it is obvious his music is his passion.

In the end, he invited all Johnnies present to join the choir in singing the Johnnie Fight Song -- it was done with gusto by the alums and with skill by the choir.  On January 16th, I had been in that same church for the funeral mass of Sargent Shriver -- the musicians singing that day were Wycliff Jean, Vanessa Williams, Bono, and Stevie Wonder.  It was a thrill to hear them sing and to sing with them in the recession song.  It was an equal thrill to hear the SJU Men's Chorus and to sing with them. The Johnnie nation can be as proud of them as we are of the football team.  

Nora and I hosted two choir members, Abe Lauer of Sauk Centre Lauer Family fame (about the 6th member to be at SJU/CSB) and Ben Precourt from Plover, Wisconsin.  They were a delight, good fun to visit with, and Nora was impressed because they made their beds and folded all their towels.  The entire SJU experience was great -- recommend all Johnnies and Bennies catch the choir's concert if possible -- you will be thrilled.

John Chromy -- Class of 1964