These compact discs are compilations of live concert and live session recordings from the Chamber Choir's 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2010 Concert Seasons.

Spring 2010 Concert Tour

Spring 2007 Concert Tour
Track Listing

1. My soul, there is a country, Hubert Parry
2. O magnum mysterium, David Childs
3. Salve Regina, Gregorian Chant
4. Salve Regina, Axel Theimer
5. Lobe Den Herren, Hugo Distler
6. David’s Lamentation, Joshua Shank
7. Webster, arr. Carol Barnett
8. Ninety-Third Psalm, arr. Carol Barnett
9. I want Jesus to walk with me, arr. Ken Berg
10. Angel Alleluias, Alan Bullard
11. Recessional, arr. William Hawley
12. Horizons, Peter Louis Van Dijk
13 – 16 The making of the drum, Bob Chilcott
                I. The Skin
                II. The Barrel of the Drum 
                III. Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer
                IV. Gourds and Rattles
                V. The Gong-Gong
17. Tres Cantos Nativos dos Indios, arr. Marcos Leite
18. Jump down, spin around, arr. Larry Nickel
19. I have had singing, Ron Jeffers

Spring 2004 Concert Tour
Track Listing

Central United States Tour 2002
Track Listing

  1. Hodie Christus Natus Est, Gregorian Chant
  2. Lux Aurumque, Eric Whitacre
  3. Coenantibus Autem Illis, Juan de Lienas
  4. And the Trees Do Moan, arr. James Fritschel
  5. Lux Aeterna, Edwin Fissinger
  6. Parce Domine, Felix Novowieski
  7. Haec Dies, Mikolaj Zielenski
  8. Walking on the Green Grass, Michael Hennagin
  9. Evening Music, Bob Chilcott
    I. Love
    II. Evening Music
  10. Now Welcome Summer, Robert Washburn
  11. Kasar mie la gaji (The earth is tired), Alberto Grau
  12. Cool of the Day, arr. John Ratledge
  13. Jing-ga-lye-ya, Bruce Sled
  14. Mouth Music, Keane/Faulkner