Employment After Graduation

Many music majors choose their concentration based on the type of career they would like to pursue. A large number of CSB/SJU graduating music majors become music teachers in grades K-12. Many also become liturgical music directors, and some offer services as private music teachers.

A number of music majors decide to pursue a performance career, which typically means that they will go on to graduate study in music. Five to 10 percent of music graduates attend graduate school immediately upon graduation, and a larger number, 20 percent, attend graduate school after gaining five or more years of work experience. Growing numbers of music students are entering careers in professional fields other than music, such as medicine, law or business.

Employment examples include:
  • Director of “Performance Plus” at the Kennedy Center
  • Public relations manager of the Dale Warland Singers
  • Public radio announcer
  • Music directorships of various civic performing ensembles
  • College and university faculty positions
  • Managerial positions in various fine and performing arts institutions