Scavenger Hunt

One of the activities for the singers to participate in during their recreation time is a scavenger hunt around the Saint John's campus. See if you know where to look from this sample clue:

Clue 1:

I'm made of metal but am not cold
I'm fairly new and yet very old
It's in the name but not exactly
It's a monastic issue, a matter of factly
My bird's quite lovely and we all could be friends
When you find me at the place where the music ends.

Clue 2:

Campus Rumor: loud boys I host.
In my basement I house a rodent larger than most
Aquinas and Rugrats both shared my name
With or without an "H", it's pronounced the same
My clue is not inside, nor in a courtyard with light
It'll be by the tables and chairs as is right.

Clue 3:

You empty our wallets twice a year
For supplies needed on the college career
Books, baubles, and gadgets. T-shirts galore!
The Johnny Bread you sell runs us all towards your door.

Clue 4:

 I'm a summer staple; this is true.
Dry as a desert, yet very wet too.
Maybe you'll tan, or maybe you'll burn
When you lie on me for a turn.
I've even got a house, yes I do!
There you'll find the very next clue.


Clue 5:

A rainbow of colors in an unusual shape,
I'm fragments made solid on a building's face.
With sunshine you see through me, all my colors sparking bright.
Beautiful they call me, especially in the light!

Clue 6:

Rose and I, we share a first name,
Though if rock is his style, choral song is my game.
I come from the land of Strauss and Mahler
Teaching VoiceCare, I don't want you to holler!
Come on up to my office; it's where I'm likely to be.
Stop by for a visit, and the next clue you'll see.

Clue 7:

I'm a monastic tradition that has not waivered,
Though there's even more to me than paper.
I've made Bibles, yes that's true!
But there's still more that I can do.
From the Gloria to works of Theology -
Where the books are made the next clue you will see.

Clue 8:

Singing is the performing kind,
But visit me if you have some time.
To appreciate what's on my walls
You'll need your eyes to see it all.
The beauty of my hoard you see,
As it exists for you and me.
Public beauty is my moral core.
Look for the clue upon my door!

Clue 9:

Some old, some new, but mostly old.
My environment is precisely controlled
To keep my contents safe and dry
Protected from the sands of time.
Preservation: My Labor of Love.
Another library is above.
Handwritten words, the older the better!
To find the next clue, find my name with four letters.

Clue 10:

I'm found at St. John's and Hogwarts too!
With massive space that can be filled by you.
I once was a church, but was replaced by the Abbey.
Messiah smiles down; he's not crabby!
To find the next clue, seek the desk of information.
Chat with those workers; they are a sensation.

Clue 11:

If you love to read, then come find me.
My massive collection is made of trees.
You've seen me before from a different view -
A study space for me and you!
Upper, Lower, Basement: my variety of floor.
But the clue this time is just past the door.

Clue 12:

I'm afraid to say the end is nigh.
To finish the hunt and win the prize,
When you've finally finished, you may take your rest,
But there's still more to do to finish the quest:

Find a counselor and take a photo.
They'll not be hiding like a dodo.
To the Music Office, your hearts must fly!
First group to arrive will win the prize.