Daily Trivia

Every day we post a new trivia question for the singers to answer for prizes. Play along from home and see how much you know about All-State and CSB/SJU!

Day 1, Tuesday, August 6:

What is the name of the four-legged, concrete structure in front of the Abbey Church?

Answer: The bell banner. Correctly answered by Laura Christenson




 Day 2, Wednesday, August 7:

On the west side of the Quad, the acronym IOGD stands for a core principle within the Rule of St. Benedict (the guide to the Benedictine lifestyle). What words do the letters IOGD stand for?

Answer: In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus (That God may be glorified in all things). Correctly answered by Gino Fraboni



Day 3, Thursday, August 8:

The Saint John's Solar Farm produces about 4% of the campus's annual energy needs and is 4 times larger than the previous largest Minnesotan solar array. What Benedictine Value best reflects the use of alternative energy?

Answer: Stewardship. Correctly answered by Michael Gross



Day 4, Friday, August 9:




The College of Saint Benedict is a women's college in St. Joseph, MN that is partnered with Saint John's University (this men's college) to create a unique sharing of facilities, curriculum, and campus life. Within a half mile, what is the length of the shortest route to St. John's University's Sister School?



Answer: 5.9 miles