Philppine American Kasamahan (PAK)

Mission Statement

The mission of Philippine American Kasamahan aims to expand the history and presence of the Filipino heritage amongst the community of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University and its neighboring communities of the Midwest. We strive to promote and enhance the representation of the Philippines.


General Club Information

We are a club under the umbrella of The Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA), an organization that focuses on preserving our roots and cultivating the development of Filipino student organizations. Regular meetings of the club are held once every three weeks particularly in the evening, more if there is an event coming up. Members of the club will be notified twice during the week before the meeting.

How to Join?

PAK is open to all people. You do not have to be Filipino to join. The only criteria to join is having an interest on learning about the Filipino Culture, whether it be the food, the dances, or more. As long as you come to our meetings you are part of the club


Executive Board

President: Mimi Nguyen

Vice President External: Ramon Angeles

Vice President Internal: Sweetsel Ravelo

Treasurer / PR: Coral Romero