International Student Orientation 2022

International Student Orientation is designed to educate and assist you with your transition to life in the United States, Saint Joseph/Collegeville of Minnesota, and the College of Saint Benedict + Saint John’s University campuses (abbreviated as CSB+SJU in the orientation schedules).

Orientation will provide information about:

  • How to navigate the campuses and administrations of CSB+SJU.
  • Cultural and academic adjustment in the United States and in Minnesota.
  • Federal immigration regulations and your responsibilities as an F-1 students.
  • Basic needs of shopping and cellphone services. We will do banking later during the semester.  

You will have the chance to connect with:

  • Other new students to form initial friendships.
  • Upper-class students for peer mentoring and support.
  • Relevant campus services, programs, and facilities.

The following is a brief overview of the International Student Orientation.  





August 23

International Students Move-in Day


CSB: Mary Commons.

SJU: Sexton Commons.

International students will move-in to their campus dorm rooms.  

Check-in is required as F1 visa students. During check-in, we will scan your immigration documents in our system.

August 24

International student orientation


SJU Founder’s room.

Meeting people!

You will meet people from different departments on-campus as well as attending sessions, which are designed to address the most common questions and concerns that international students have.

August 25


In-person sessions. Travel to St Cloud in the afternoon.

New students will be traveling to St Cloud area to buy necessities, cellphone service.

August 26

Campus tours and transition to general orientation


Key location tours before they transition into general orientation.