Programs 2018-2019

How to Build Campus Activism Tu, Sept 18th
Alphabet Soup: The Difference in DEIJ  Th, Sept 27th 
Mapping Out Your Indentities Tu, Oct 2nd  
Who Am I? Who am I in Relation to Others? Th, Oct 11th
Resilience Mapping Th, Oct 18th 
Deconstructing Whiteness? Mo, Oct 22nd
Restorative Practices Th, Oct 27th
Beyond Diversity 101 Tu, Nov 6th
C.A.R.E Workshop Tu, Nov 27th
Winter Break 2018 - 2019 Varying Dates 
MLK Week 2019 Varying Dates 
Students of Color Abroad Tu, Feb 19th 
Awakening Th, Feb 21st 
Blackkklansman  Fr, Feb 22nd
Awake Tu, Feb 26th
Woke Th, Mar 14th 
Ibtihaj Muhammad  We, Mar 27th
Conversion Therapy Th, Mar 28th 
Liam Liar Tu, Apr 2nd 
 Authentic Dialogue  Th, Apr 4th 
Male Identity Developement Tu, Apr 9th 
Janet Stovall Tu, Apr 23rd 
Multi-Cultural Graduation Fr, May 10th