As an international student can I work off campus and get paid for an internship?

  • Yes, you can if you are registered for academic credit and are authorized for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). If the internship work is related to your academics and you have been approved by the Internship office and registered for academic credit you can be paid. However, you must also apply for CPT through Intercultural and International Student Services before you register for your internship.

Things You Should Know About Internships for Credit:

  • CSB/SJU Internship listings are usually for part-time undergraduate internships.
  • Students typically earn 4-8 undergraduate credits for an internship of 10-20 hours per week while they are also taking 2-3 classes. There are very few undergraduate internships available to CSB/SJU students for 30 to 40 hours a week (equivalent to 12 to 16 credits) especially in the St. Cloud area.
  • An undergraduate internship is not the same as a job, but it is an important step and a building block for your resume which will improve your chances of finding employment in your field or being accepted to grad school.

Role of the Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement - Internship Program:

  • To assist students in finding internships and in setting up academic credit for the experience.
  • To support students during their internships to ensure they have a successful experience.

Please contact the Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement - Internship Program for more information:

Internship Program 
HAB 105

(320) 363-5256

[email protected]

Role of Career Services for Students Seeking Internships:

  • To assist students seeking jobs and post-graduate internships which will begin after graduation.
  • To provide resume critiques and resume and practice interviewing workshops for students seeking both undergraduate internships and jobs.
  • To promote job and internship fairs and other events to students and prepare them for getting the most out of attending these events.

Please contact Career Services for more information:

Career Services

CSB Center
(320) 363-5707
Academic Services Building
SJU Center
(320) 363-3236
Mary Hall #10