F-1 Visa holders who come to the United States to study should have sufficient financial resources so that they will not have to work. However, most students have a work award which allows them to work on campus.

Work Eligibility for F-1 Student Visa Holders

  • You can work on either the CSB or SJU campus without authorization. The job must not interfere with your academic work. The typical hours a student works each week is 5-6 or 10-12.
  • Students may also work as part of practical training. Please see Curricular Practical CPT or Optional Practical Training OPT for further information.
  • Due to economic problems in home countries or unforeseen changes in circumstance, some students may want to consider working off-campus. Immigration regulations are strict in regard to employment and if you need or want to work off-campus, please contact the  Intercultural and International Student Services office. You will have to apply for permission to work off-campus due to Severe Economic Hardship.

How to Find a Job

  • On-Campus. You can view job listings on the student employment website www.csbsju.edu/sejobs/ Students are encouraged to start their job search as early as possible.