Exploring Latin American Cultures (ELAC)

Mission Statement:

The overall purpose of our club is to spread awareness throughout our CSB/SJU community about the Latin American Culture. With the growing Latin American community, it is imperative for our CSB/SJU community to become exposed to the Latin American culture. While doing so we seek to unite the existing Latin American students, and create a sense of community, consistent with the Benedictine values, for incoming students of Latin American background, as well as welcome supporters of the Latin American culture.

ELAC Board 2020-2021

President: Belen Dominguez

Vice Presidents: Carolina Apaez & Danice Martinez

Event Planner #1: Joseph Figueredo

Event Planner #2: Alondra Banda

Graphic Designer: Mari Gomez

Community Relations Officer: Lizbet Martinez

Community Outreach Officer: Henry Rivera

Treasurer: Elida Espinoza

Treasurer Intern: Beto Caballero

Advisor: Mary Niedenfuer 

Get Involved:

Every month ELAC hosts events that promote dialogue and foster community. Events are open to all CSB/SJU students. For more information on our events Follow us on Instagram: @CSBSJU_ELAC

Have questions or want to collaborate? Email Us! [email protected]


Solidarity Statement:

Dear CSB/SJU Community, 

The Exploring Latin American Cultures Club unites in solidarity with the plea for justice and respect for black lives. Given the series of events that have come to light like the murders of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor, we are reminded that the fight for justice is still not over. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that we -The Exploring Latin American Cultures Club- use our platform to demand social justice, create change, and provide space for black voices. We as a club stand not only in solidarity with the African American community, but acknowledge that our community also suffers from prejudice and discrimination, specifically those who identify as Afro-Latinos. We acknowledge the hardships that our afro-brothers and sisters continue to endure socially and systematically, and we commit to do better. Although we are not perfect, the Exploring Latin American Culture Club, pledges to bring awareness about afro-latinidad and continue to include these often excluded voices and identities in our mission and goals for this year. The Exploring Latin American Club also commits to supporting our fellow black cultural clubs on campus and welcomes them with open hands to future collaborations. Lastly, we are committed to making our club inclusive to all regardless of their “latinidad”. With this, we invite people of all races, genders, religions, and sexual-orientations to join and participate with us this year. 

With that, we challenge you to continue to educate yourself and do better.

Please reach out any of the board members with questions or feedback about this or any of the work we do as a club. We look forward to seeing you at our events this year!


Exploring Latin American Cultures Club