Community Inclusion Conversations (CIC) Certificate Program

Community Inclusion Conversations provide students with opportunities to engage in dialogue and learn across differences of racial, ethnic, national, and cultural backgrounds. 

About the Certificate Program:

To complete the Community Inclusion Coversation (CIC) certificate program, students must participate in all five workshops in an academic year. Students will receive their certificate upon completion of all five workshops and will be recognized at the end of the academic year.


After completing the CIC Certificate, students will:

  • Be able to identify how individuals’ social identities inform campus interactions and impact campus climate
  • Be able to communicate effectively in conversation with peers about how social identity constructs impact learning and living environments
  • Recognize and understand terminology related to social justice advocacy

Conversations topics/descriptions:

  • Responding to Bias Incidents: You will discuss specific techniques to intervene in situations of bias by engaging with real-life scenarios.
  • Inclusion for a Global Community: You will get an introduction to the issues and experiences of international students at CSB+SJU, including a discussion on how to navigate cultural barriers.
  • Creating Safe Spaces: You will get an introduction to LGBTQIA+ identities, gender, and sexuality, including a discussion of assumptions, stereotypes, and the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ CSB+SJU students. 
  • Everyday Allyship: You will examine your own social identity and personal values to better understand ways you can act as an ally to others.
  • Gender Awareness: You will examine and discuss gender constructs, your own attitudes toward it, and how differing attitudes impact the lived experience at CSB+SJU.

While Multicultural Student Services has set dates for Community Inclusion Conversations throughout the year, we are available to work with student employee teams, classes, and other groups by request. To make a request, please contact Multicultural Student Services at [email protected] 

Spring 2023 Community Inclusion Conversations dates: